Everyday life in a secondhand bookshop…

I’m somewhat of an introvert. Okay, maybe a lot of an introvert. I wanted to say a tentative hello and introduce myself, well…as much as a shy book lover can, at any rate.

I’m Sarah Smith, and I own The Bookshop on The Corner. It’s a dimly lit, dusty little alcove filled with the most marvelous little treasures, if only you’ll spend some time looking through the precariously stacked piles of books. Most of the books are secondhand, they’ve been well loved. Some have dog-eared pages – bookmarks can be so orderly, and not for all of us. Other books are slightly water damaged – is there anything more joyous than reading a book in a steaming hot bath? You might find a page marked with pen, sections highlighted for later reflection – this is a true measure of a great book.

Myself, well it’s not secret I love books as much as anything or dare I say, anyone. You’ll find me here, in the bookshop, before the sun comes up reading a romance novel. I love the heroine’s journey, I step into the pages with her, and live vicariously. When she struggles, I’m right there with her, my own brow furrowed, my heart beat quickening, as I bravely help her through whatever hurdles life throws her way.

Then there’s the hero. Cowboys, executives, dashing Dukes, rock stars. I love them all. Though, it doesn’t happen instantly. They have to win the heroine’s favor long before I trust them.

I guess I’m doing it again. Living in my fictional world, so I can avoid the real one for a while. In my cozy little shop, I’m happiest. It’s when I have to step outside, I feel slightly vulnerable. Almost as though the real world will be a bland comparison to the world inside my books.

I’m almost thirty, and feel a change is coming. I have to do something, or I fear, life might pass me by. But if you have books, you’re never lonely, are you?

I thought I’d start a blog and show you what everyday life in a secondhand bookshop is like. And if stepping outside my comfort zone works, then I hope I’ll find some like minded people and we can discuss our shared passion – always and forever – reading.


2 thoughts on “Everyday life in a secondhand bookshop…

  1. Hi Sarah

    What a fab blog you have. I’m looking forward to a good mooch through the shelves.

    Do you think you might start a book group, I hear you know someone who could bring along delicious cake 😍

    Dawn xx

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